Priceless Friendship

Friends come into your life,

always for a reason,

that may not be apparent,

like the change of seasons,

All you need to do,

is keep your eyes open,

and your heart all willing,

to soak in the emotion!

This poem is in honour of a dear friend who has always wanted a poem dedicated to him, so here goes…hope reading this lights up your face as much as your words light up mine!

The first time I saw you,

you were introducing yourself,

as an ex Air India cabin crew,

who’d worked for 6 years, no less.

I remember wondering,

why would any sane guy,

leave a plushy job like that

to slog here at T.I. (Tata Institute)?

More importantly,

I couldn’t help but smile,

picturing you giving those safety instructions,

with a dead-pan face,

on flight!

I also wondered what kind of steward you must’ve been.

the cool, calm, collected one,

or the nervous timid freak? 🙂

With these thoughts coursing,

through my half crazy mind,

I remember chatting with you,

and you seemed, surprisingly,

not senile!! 🙂

Except for one thing of course,

that you kept repeating,

that you still do to this day,

cribbing about how old you’re getting!

Of course I didn’t know,

your age back then,

& you said you were here for a 1 year course,

I thought that was because…

you’d crossed the age limit or something!!

On one hand, you would talk

like a fresh-out-of-school kid,

 on the other, you would complain

about aching joints and limbs,

& all I did was wonder if he is an anti-ageing miracle,

with a 20 something face on a 30 something shoulder!!

Your real age by the way, you say

is 29,

but trust me you sound no more than 12,

at heart or in mind!!

The crazy Bollywood dialogues,

you imitate effortlessly,

to the hilarious encounters

with film stars you share nonchalantly,

We can’t help but thank you,

for the entertainment you provide,

I’m sure even Karan Johar wiould be so proud

to have you by his side!!

Its easy to be charmed you know,

by all that you say,

you make everyone feel at ease,

as if  that’s still your job today!!

On top of all this,

your God fearing nature,

visiting temples every week,

like a dutiful bollywood heroine in danger!!

Makes me wonder,

Which mum-in-law wouldn’t want,

a son-in-law like you,

especially one who loves housework,

thinking himself to be a past-life maid,

that too!!

So leave aside your worries,

about finding the right mate,

I think you’re already perfect,

Its their loss,

they don’t see it yet!

© Apurva

About Apurva

Graphic Designer by profession and passionate vegan by choice. I love sketching, reading, dancing, writing and of course designing.

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  1. hope your friend get his right mate soon …..


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